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Goals of Classroom Organization

classrooomsClassroom organization is important for three main reasons: to maximize the opportunity for learning; minimize the occurrence of behavioral disorderly issues and establish a positive and safe environment for the students.
To achieve these goals, one should consider the following. First, one should ensure that the children are sitting in a way that their focus is directed toward the teacher. Second, classroom chairs should be placed in a way that children can easily see chalkboards, screens, etc. Third, all children should be facing the front of the room, away from the windows. Fourth, the teacher should be able to see all children at all times – so their desks should be laid out accordingly.
Teachers should be able to move around the classroom with ease, so that they can monitor tasks being undertaken and behavior. There should be no blockage where teachers need to move around. Learning materials should be organized and available for teachers and children at the front of the room.
Student work should not just be displayed haphazardly; there should be a specially-delegated areas for this and children should be able to easily find and show off their work when parents come in. For both children and teachers there should be easy access to materials that are often used.
By following these simple rules, the process of achieving the three above-mentioned goals is facilitated.