Monthly Archiv: February, 2014

Impact of Classroom Organization on Student Behavior

teachersThe way a classroom is organized – from where the artwork is to how the classroom furniture is laid out – has been found to have an impact on how the children learn and how they behave.  When administrators arrange the layout of the classroom, they need to remember that the students have to see and hear instructions clearly and be able to access the materials efficiently.  The teacher should be in a place that he or she can easily monitor the students and provide feedback.

Important elements to consider when organizing the classroom include:  laying out the desks so that the attention is directed toward the teacher and making sure the students are facing the front of the classroom (and away from the windows).   Furniture should be arranged so that the teachers can see all the students at all times.  And, so that teachers can move among the school desks easily.

Classroom furniture should also be arranged so that there is access to where the artwork etc. is displayed.  Student materials and teacher materials should be separated and students should b e able to quickly find their work.

These are just some ideas for developing and maintaining classroom efficiency and enhancing the likelihood of improved student behavior.

Classroom Organization and Management Program

administratorThe Classroom Organization and Management Program, otherwise referred to as COMP, came about following the research of Dr. Carolyn M. Evertson.   The program has shown substantial benefit to both students and teachers through research conducted in 12 studies in both mainstream and special education resource settings from grades K to 12.  This research was undertaken over 15 years, and observed 581 classrooms in 100 schools.

COMP has been providing services to more than 100,000 administrators and teachers since its 1989 launch.  During this time it has been shown that student behavior has improved as well as academic results.  This naturally leads to an increase in teacher satisfaction.

Of course, it makes sense that if a classroom is organized efficiently there will be less chaos.  If school desks are just laid out haphazardly, it is less likely to lead to the creation of a relaxed environment.  With COMP, teachers, students and others involved in the educational process are given tips on making the classrooms more efficient.