Monthly Archiv: June, 2013

Transitioning from Preschool to Elementary School


When children initially make the transition from a preschool to an elementary school, there are many new concepts with which they have to become familiar.  The first is the fact that they will probably have to find a way to transport their books and supplies to and from school.  Many schools offer lockers for this.  But even that is a new concept for the student and hopefully – at least at the beginning of the academic year – staff members are on hand to help teach the children how to become comfortable with these.

Second, since computers are very often used as an educational tool is schools these days, a new elementary school student will need to become familiar with how to use these.  This means that they will have to get comfortable at a computer table and learn how to navigate a mouse.

Third, children will need to get used to dealing with crowds.  Preschools in general are small, and elementary schools tend to be larger.  One way parents can help ease this transition is by keeping the channels of communication open and ensuring that their child feels comfortable discussing any issues they are having with the transition.

In fact, that is the general rule for parents facilitating the process of change for their children.  Ensure that your child feels comfortable discussing any new issues that arise at all times.