Organizational Tips for Kids with ADD


Anyone with ADD will tell you that staying organized is quite a challenge. In addition to having difficulties focusing in class, staying still in church on the church furniture and listening to directions, kids with ADD have trouble organizing their time and their space.

One area where this is certainly true is with the school locker. Here are some tips that can help you to help your child organize his school locker.

  1. Help him to get rid of anything that he doesn’t need in the locker.
  2. Help him to group together his books so that his books for morning classes are together and his books for the afternoon are together. Or, he might want to group together all textbooks, then put all notebooks together, etc.
  3. Attach a message board and your child’s class schedule to the side of the locker on the inside.
  4. If there is space for two hooks, try to install these. They are perfect for the winter coat and the gym bag.
  5. Add extra shelves if you can so that your child can put smaller items on the top shelf like keys, pencils, safety pins, staplers, etc.

Once the locker is set up and ready to go, speak to your child about a maintenance schedule. See if he can look through his locker once a week to get rid of trash and to keep up the maintenance that he started.