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Three Basic Classroom Organizational Tips

color-coded-filesMany teachers have different ways of keeping their classrooms organized.  But there are three basic tips that pretty much everyone should follow.

First, everything that is in the classroom should be following a color coded scheme. The same color should be used for all materials for each subject/unit.    As well, assignments and handouts should follow this system by the use of colored copy paper. Colored labels can also work.  in addition, different colored labels can be stuck on students’ resource books so that they will return the articles to the correct notebook.

Secondly everything that is used should be filed away in binders.  Teacher resource books should be in three-ring binders with plastic sleeves.  Again the color coding system should be used – binders should be colored-coded according to subject and articles to keep should be put in these binders as well.

Third, plastic tubs/file boxes should be used to store holiday projects, art projects, supplies etc.  This kind of storage organization really reduces classroom clutter and thus keeps things much less chaotic.

There are so many ways one can organize a classroom.  But with this three principle tips, one can have a great start.