Monthly Archiv: July, 2013

Keeping a Classroom Organized


Not only are teachers expected to plan interesting and informative classes, but they must be highly organized and help their students be organized. The way classroom furniture, including classroom tables and classroom desks, are organized, can make a huge difference in the amount students learn, and in the way they feel in class.

One expert teacher organized her classroom into several useful sections: a student supply station; her desk, which was at the back of the classroom and where she kept her files, a microwave, and other equipment; a board at the back of the room for special assignments; a whiteboard, agenda board and a document camera, all at the front of the room; and a homework/absent work station. All these classroom elements helped her students know exactly what was expected of them and where they could get what they needed for class, and where to put homework and other assignments. This clarity
of space allowed for clarity of mind.

This expert also has a highly organized way of dealing with all the papers she collects from her students; keeping track of absents and make-up work; organizing school lessons and materials; and documentation of parent communications.

There is certainly a lot a teacher needs to stay on top of, and being organized helps everything flow more smoothly, not just for the teacher, but for the students as well.