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Arranging Space in the Classroom

classroom-organizationThe way a classroom is organized should reflect the educator’s teaching style as much as possible. The school furniture should be arranged in a way that makes it easier to teach in small groups, large groups, one-on-one or individuals, depending on how classes are taught. For those who use a lot of group discussions, the furniture should be arranged in a circle or U-shape. But those who prefer teaching students individually, learning stations should be laid out.
The way the furniture in the class is organized should also reflect the teacher. Teachers should make sure their classrooms are personalized with selected children’s art, posters, and soft rugs, etc. One example of this is what was done in a classroom in Reggio Emilia. Early childhood programs feature children’s work. These are collections of objects they find. They are set out in large spaces to ensure little clutter in the room. The actual class environment is viewed as “another teacher,” and thus it is used to motivate children, improve their educational experience and limit any behavioral issues…just as a teacher might do.
Indeed, according to Mike Hopkins, an educator and author, one should think about the way a classroom is designed in connection with their personal teaching style. In this way, teachers should try to forget about the standard way classrooms are organized and get their ideas from museums, other classrooms, even TV shows, so long as it reflects their teaching style.