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Impact of Classroom Organization on Student Behavior

teachersThe way a classroom is organized – from where the artwork is to how the classroom furniture is laid out – has been found to have an impact on how the children learn and how they behave.  When administrators arrange the layout of the classroom, they need to remember that the students have to see and hear instructions clearly and be able to access the materials efficiently.  The teacher should be in a place that he or she can easily monitor the students and provide feedback.

Important elements to consider when organizing the classroom include:  laying out the desks so that the attention is directed toward the teacher and making sure the students are facing the front of the classroom (and away from the windows).   Furniture should be arranged so that the teachers can see all the students at all times.  And, so that teachers can move among the school desks easily.

Classroom furniture should also be arranged so that there is access to where the artwork etc. is displayed.  Student materials and teacher materials should be separated and students should b e able to quickly find their work.

These are just some ideas for developing and maintaining classroom efficiency and enhancing the likelihood of improved student behavior.

The Classroom as a Vehicle for Growth

classroom-furnitureIn the classroom, students have to get from A to B. A being the beginning of the academic year and B being the following academic year. Thus an organized classroom is vital for success. It is important that a lack of chaos is present. Classroom management and student achievement often go hand-in-hand. Indeed, according to a 2003 study conducted by Sokal, Smith & Mowat, the majority of teachers – irrespective of their experience in the field – view classroom management as a high priority and an area of concern.
One way of facilitating classroom organization is by looking at how other, more experienced teachers have accomplished this. As well, reading up on the topic and seeing how children respond to different classroom layouts, can be very helpful.
Although teachers are not completely in control of their classroom environment (for example there is little they can do about physical problems in the classroom, etc.), there is still a lot they can do to make it more pleasant. And they do have control of how the classroom furniture is set out.  The most effective teachers are those who invest at the start of the year on checking out the environment and figuring out what can be done to improve on it.