Locker Quality and Layout


Most school lockers are made out of steel.  However, there are varying levels of quality of steel around.  This makes a difference vis-à-vis their duration and how they are used.  If students feel that the lockers are hard to open and close, then this is likely to add an extra element of stress to their day.  Similarly, if lockers are placed in a location that is hard to access – such as by a stack of folding chairs or near a stairwell – then this can also increase stress levels as well as escalate inefficiency during the school day.

In terms of quality steel, if the gauge is low then the steel will likely be strong.  As well, the steel used on the door is usually stronger than the actual locker since doors are used much more than the body of the locker.

So in terms of school lockers and their accessibility and ease-of-use for students, consider first the quality of the steel (and how it is processed/finished) and also carefully think about where the lockers are placed and if they can be put in a location that is free of any type of clutter.