ADD and Classroom Organization


If you are raising a child with ADD, you are undoubtedly used to the copious amounts of clutter that line the walls and furniture of your home. A big problem parents struggle with is that this haphazard attitude extends beyond the home- in fact, most ADD children struggle in school since they lack the ability to organize their space, school books and homework.

The best way to help your child organize his own school environment is by helping him or her set up a system that suits his needs. For example, his school desk should be clean and completely void of clutter and distractions. Attach a small basket on the underside for paper scraps and food wrappers, and designate a specific spot for pencils, pens and highlighter markers so they can be easily accessed during class.

Next, children with ADD may need help organizing their school lockers. Start by adding hooks, shelves, dividers, a mirror or any other feature that will help the child manage their school supplies with minimal stress. A child is better able to avoid distractions when he feels confident that he will be able to find his school supplies and homework without hassle, and a routine will help him or her stay focused on school-related tasks.